About Us

In 1961, Paramount Vinyl Products Corporation started with a small plastic sandal manufacturing operation in Caloocan City, and added rubber flip-flops in 1964.  A few years later, we saw our little operation quickly increase in sales, exporting to international markets in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.  

In addition to footwear, the company grew its product portfolio to include soles, films, mats and rubber sheets.  Since then, we have been hard at work providing our partners with great quality products, while supporting our local suppliers. 

We stock rubber flip-flops, EVA sheets, interlocking mats and sheeting materials (transparent film, tablecloth, shower curtain, linoleum, and leatherette for bags, shoes, luggage and upholstery). We can also customize 
flip-flop colors and straps.

You are welcome to browse our online product catalog.  For orders and inquiries, message us anytime via our Facebook page fb.com/bantexphofficial.